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Every drawing that I drew was never ever as cute as you. [entries|friends|calendar]

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new journal [Friday // November 9th]
[ mood | cold ]


add me pleaseandthankyou.

0 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

i dont even know any more [Sunday // September 9th]
so i havent died i've just been studying/ working/ partying/ seeing christopher a ton. my unit is still in iraq... i might get sent after christmas... i cant freakin wait! i hate sitting in a hospital dealing with basic training privates getting out of going to the field or other training because they have a boo boo. i need to find a job to work back home while i study for my registry.. any one wanna hook me up in november?? 

i can't wait to get back, just to be out of this place. benning is great but my boss is nutso. 

i should just go freakin active... whats wrong with me?!

2 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

[Saturday // May 12th]

Peace out Ft Sham. Hello Ft Benning. :)

2 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

I am [Tuesday // August 29th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

out of here.

peace out kids.

0 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

so [Sunday // July 23rd]
I changed my MOS and now I leave august 30... dammit
0 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

to each his own is NOT a load of crap... [Monday // June 19th]
[ mood | awesome ]

I think I'm getting used to having to deal with people. I used to hate everyone... why am I so laid back these days? I actually want to meet every one and not shut myself out for once. I'm so much more comfortable around people too. I feel more accepting of how people are as well. I think my passive aggressiveness has changed into full fledged passiveness.

Things for the most part seem to be working out quite well... or better than what I thought. Another thing... I think I'm getting more optimistic... or atleast I'm trying at it.

I was packing my clothes up today and all I did was think about how I was freshman year and how I am now. I think my freshman self would kick my (me as of right now) ass. I feel really old... but really young at the same time.

I figure I want to go somewhere I haven't been before I leave for missouri (a place I haven't been) and then texas ( another place I haven't been)

I go for my license (finally) july 3. I need it so bad, not just to drive out of tewksbury with friends, that'd be nice too, but for driving in Texas at my AIT, which I'm probably leaving for ASAP.

I'm content with the way I look, for the most part. I've lost so much weight from pt and not eating fast food, disgusting, or red meat, which makes me sick STILL, for that matter.

I think I can bounce back from anything now and that's how I want it.

I don't want to depend on any one anymore... that won't change until I get back in march.

Am I sounding like I'm on drugs, or is it me?

4 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

It's about time I peace out. [Monday // June 12th]
[ mood | content ]


and I finally get the shit out of here. thank something... thank the army for giving me 30 weeks and 4 days worth of training... that's 30 weeks and 4 days I don't have to be within 1000 miles of this place.

If you want me to write you comment with your address.

6 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

[Saturday // June 3rd]
tomorrow I swear in to the army.

I am ridiculously nervous.
7 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

[Sunday // September 26th]
[ mood | weird ]

comment to be added... even though I probably won't add you. :)

18 Oh, watch it burn into the twilight.

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